Career Coaching Services

I help motivated professionals get promoted faster (or a better job) by resetting your career mindset and getting crystal clear on your personal branding. 

Career Design Program

This 90-day program helps you create an actionable Career Journey Map based on your vision, goals, and skills. We will work together by reviewing your current career situation, setting concrete goals, and developing your personal brand. Once this is in place, we will prepare you for the job market! Your mindset around career growth will shift and will encourage you to take charge of your career from now and beyond!


Career Accelerator

This 30-day offering includes 1:1 coaching, personalized learning curriculum based on your needs, and a Career Strategy to land your next ideal role on your way to your Dream Career!


Career Confidence Booster

This 90-day group coaching program includes weekly coaching calls, micro-learning modules, and a proven approach to boost your confidence when entering the job market! Learn key strategies and tools to land your next ideal role in your career journey.

“I had the pleasure of having a one on one consultation with Amy. Amy already did her due diligence as she already knew my work history which was refreshing and showed that she really cared about my current situation and how I can improve going forward. Amy had many great suggestions on how I can maximize my current career and how to pivot into the next chapter as well. I highly recommend Amy for anyone who is looking to switch careers or how to maximize and market themselves better for maximum career success in the future.”

— John H., IT Industry

“Every Monday I meet with my career coach, and every Monday I become so much more inspired! I want to thank you for pushing me to achieve the goals I have set out for myself and my career. You are constantly motivating me to stay on track, reach beyond my comfort zone and push a little bit harder. I am so lucky to have such a hard working and driven coach by my side.

If you’re in the market for a career coach, Amy is amazing and I highly recommend her!” 

— Nicole F., Education Industry