Taking the first step on Your Career Journey

Photo by Rido Alwarno on Pexels.com

Employees across industries have become increasingly aware of the concepts within the “Future of Work.”  Whether their companies are focused on upskilling or project marketplaces or digital innovation, the future of work is happening now and the employee mindset needs to change. Organizations, leaders, and managers are encouraging employees to continually learn and grow. Career growth is no longer a ladder in the business world, but more of a map in which you are encouraged to take charge and create for yourself. But how does one go about this?

When I first meet with clients, many are outright confused, misdirected, or unsure of the first step to take. The employee mindset has been that the harder you work, the more you will rise in time. This no longer applies to careers of today. Employees need to be clear in their career objectives, know how to communicate these to those around them, gain cheerleaders, and take opportunities as they come.

The first step I coach clients through is knowing thyself. One cannot establish goals or a map without listening to one’s intuition, reflecting upon one’s accomplishments and mishaps, and knowing one’s values. As I always say to clients, it takes time to reflect, process, and engage with your key learnings to set goals and a strategy to successfully implement your career vision. Having a coach helps expedite this process and keeps you tracking towards success.

So start today! It is time to take charge and land a career that you love, enables you to exercise your values, and add value to your team and organization. Book a FREE Session with Amy to take the first step.

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